The Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin / Dash / Ethereum / Bitcoin Gold / SingularDTV Saga


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  1. $VibeHub $Vibe Going to be a big week for the Virtual reality ,crypto space. Dont say i didnt give you the heads up crypto

  2. Roger and gang manipulated the price regardless where you stand on the block size issue how can you respect that, that shit should be and probably is illegal.

  3. Absolutely LTC is better that B Cash! LTC has segwit, which takes away Jihan's asic boost advantage and we cant have that!!!!!!!!!This is 100% about pure greed people. We need to not support any of these bad actors and boycott all of their business and partnerships.

  4. Look, as much as I love Bitcoin I have to admit that Bitcoin Cash is far more better to use. I own a coffee shop and it's the first business in Kosovo that accepts BTC . I used to promote the usage of BTC but now it does not make sense! The fees are out of logic the transactions can take days and therefore the system is crippled right now. I don't think that BTC is only a store of value, if it does than I don't want it. The Bitcoin that I am promoting to the people is the Bitcoin with fast transactions and low fees that can be send person to person which at the moment is the opposite of that. Bitcoin Cash has the longest chain, the fastest transactions and the lowest fees. WHY use the old btc anymore ? I don't mind that BCH will take over, it does the job better and it is the original chain. The centralization argument is nonsense because the same miners who mined BTC now are mining BCH, everyone got their BCH from the hardfork and sold it like it was nothing, now you see the reality and it hurts to buy it now.

  5. BTRASH is nothing more than a futile and vailed attempt to to disrupt BITCOIN by a centralized group of snakes whose motives are to lining their pockets with money all under the guise of “making Bitcoin better”. Do not be fooled by the wolves in sheeps clothing – their aim is to CONTROL Bitcoin through a CENTRALIZED corporate takeover – and profit from their (failed) coup d’état.

    The Bitcoin Cash “Dream Team” of criminals:


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