SONM + Storj Partnership / Bitcoin Birds / Cryptofunny + Cryptohumor


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  1. Bitcoin birds! I retweet Bitcoin Cash because i don't like the fascist attitude of Bitcoin supporters. There is really enough for everyone without each team trying to destroy the other the Banks do not even do that!

  2. Roger has been using Bitcoin Birds since he tried to push Bitcoin Unlimited. The tweets you get paid to retweet or post are hand selected by him. He has been paying thousands of people for over 6 months to do this and it hasn't even been hidden. This is the very sort of information that needs to be reported, so thanks for that. Better late than never.

  3. Has anyone else noticed how much Whalepanda has tried hurting ethereum and Vitalik continuously over this year? He's a bitcoin maximillist and keeps trying to use his social media influence to harm the ETH brand. He took Vitaliks recent quote in isolation of the conversation and posted it on his twitter, which made it looks much worse to someone who didn't read the whole twitter conversation.

  4. Crypt0, you know why they call you handsome? Well, a threesome is when three people have sex, a twosome is when two people have sex. Bro, make a new vid on IOTA!


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