Ripples of Silence

Ripples of Silence

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We live in a world dominated by fear. As conscious, responsible citizens, we dutifully switch on our TVs every evening to follow the news and get to know what happened. However, no matter what, the summary of the day is always a grim list of disasters that restlessly shape our inner understanding of the world. Consequently, the future of humankind seems bleak, and the meaning of our stressed lives pointless. But what if, in the middle of this media-driven society, one of the most famous and acclaimed news presenters decides to stop talking? Would you understand his decision, or would you be outraged by it? Would you want to know why he stopped talking, or would you rather think he’s crazy?

Ripples of Silence takes the reader through a hypothetical scenario where the silence of a prominent news presenter boldly questions our society’s most hidden assumptions and beliefs.

SYNOPSIS: After several sleepless nights, and without any prior notice, Mark Brown, the star presenter of the primetime news, suddenly decides
to stop talking. Ripples of Silence will take you through the incredible and life-changing journey that Roger, his friend and colleague, undertakes to
try to understand the reasons behind this apparently absurd decision. Whilst exploring the darkest sides of our media-controlled society, and
analyzing its damaging effects on our confused personal lives, Roger undergoes a personal transformation that takes him beyond the limits of his preconceived ideas of professionalism, friendship and love.



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