OMG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?


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  1. Zuckerberg could just accumulate masses of btc, become a whale, short futures and dump btc on the market. Is this why he likes btc? Just a theory, no expertise behind it.

  2. FB FBI CIA censored centralized .make money from your info,FB Stole the idea from The Twins and gets paid to steal yours .F FB

  3. FB FBI CIA censored centralized .make money from your info,FB Stole the idea from The Twins and gets paid to steal yours .F FB

  4. Omar do you think theres a chance that Zuckerberg is a little afraid of the decentralization that the blockchain is providing? I am admittingly undecided on how I really feel about zuckerberg. The winklevoss twins thing, is an interesting element also. I mean, I dont know maybe he is altruistic, I never saw the movie the social network, but I heard about it. Don't know if it's true, but if it is, makes me wonder. I definitely need to do more research before forming an opinion or making judgments, but just some of my initial thoughts.

    So there are two perspective i am thinking about of this one is …. zucky for certain has the power to really help us grow, regardless of his real intentions. I would hope that he didn't just create his own coin and instead helped grow what exists and adoption. This is for sure a positive thing

    The second perspective is that zucky is doing this bc he realizes now that this thing is for real and unstoppable, And is afraid something like steemit (although steemit may not currently be ready it can grow fast), or something will come over and take ad revenue from Facebook or eyeballs away. This could mean he sees the blockchain as a threat. So is this his way of getting in and directing things and saving Facebook? Not that Facebook realistically seems any threatened at this time. But Zuckerbrrg clearly recognizes value in technology… I guess that's what the most important thing is ….

    Maybe I am being a bit paranoid and need to do more research on Zuckerberg and his character, which I again, admittedly, haven't done. (However I have heard a few things through the grapevine of people who know him in the NYC area, But that's also playing a game of telephone). Needless to say, this should help cryptocurrency one way or another. I guess I just fear the fact that he had so much power and influence to help it grow also means he has a lot of power to control it or find a way to control things within it. It'll be interesting for sure. I just want to stay on my toes, I don't trust traditional media and news and public figures, I guess in my mind the media has blended him in with that old school elite or some shit lol.

    Also I work in tech and interestingly, a lot of people who work in tech have a unique pov when it comes to these huge tech platforms , But probably some things I shouldn't post in a public arena with my real name …. LOL.

  5. I'm hoping that ripple went parabolic like that bc the new wave of crypto investors found out about altcoins and just bought it cuz it's cheap, and thought it would be added to coinbase lol.

  6. Hey Omar love the news. What's your thoughts on Powtoken being the missing FB link? It was airdropped for free to all fb members who claimed. Advised by ol Mcafee. Zuckerberg hinted at it with his words. "giving the power back to the people)

  7. Are you really using Ethereum these days ? The network is SO NOT ready for mass adoption. Where is the massive scaling development proposal ? Years away …. So the 1000$ question is: which coin offer real scaling solution ?

  8. Facebook would have to use a fast and cheap cryptocurrency like Stellar Lumens (XLM). They already have a partnership with Kik messenger I think

  9. Knowing Facebook, they'll probably go with Ripple! Then Bitcoin won't be number 1 after that. Worrying times, but I'm in for the ride of a lifetime!

  10. I clicked on the thumbnail because I thought you were just saying OMG because you made a heap of money or got a new car. Glad to see you reviewed OMiseGo coin, I have it and love the principles behind it. Will surely exploded before long – maybe just a deal in Thailand and it will be on fire.

    On another note, I am looking to get some privacy coins. I started out with Monero and have sold about 80% of them to switch to smaller ones like DeepOnion, Spectre and Shield. I sense really big gains in this sector in the coming year. Would appreciate your insights here.


  11. I like that you made the video in the car. Shows you can think on your toes. Very glad to hear your voice in the wild sir. I would like to hear your thoughts on anonymous coins. They certainly won't take the news for high market cap high value at this time, but could you possibly shine a little light on this area, as I think (and many agree with any common sense) that anonymizing transactions is the only things that retains the true spirit of individuality that commerce insists on. It's got to be the future, right? So is it TOR based like DeepOnion, or is it some other "anonymizing" coin that you prefer? Also, sure you care about Mark Z? He's a goofy show off, but I'll let it go that you find him impressive. And may he help Bitcoin pump, but "whatever" to his FB based solutions.

  12. I've seen people post videos of themselves talking to support at Amazon, which looks legit, where the Amazon rep says Litecoin will be added as an accepted payment method, that they're working on it, but haven't made any formal announcement yet. Has anyone else seen these? What do you guys think, fake news or not?

  13. you sir have no idea …Coinbase is not going to tell you to buy XRP before they add It 😉
    hahaaa decentralised ? BCASH LOL

  14. Would like you to explain how you see homeless, who are typically the least educated and transient people would be able to maintain a crypto wallet with no reliable computer access. Seems like they would never adopt.


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