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How to Generate Wealth by Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Dear Friend,

Bitcoin’s incredible rise has been no secret. What started as pennies is now worth thousands of dollars a unit.Over the past six months alone, Bitcoin has surged 300%.

Over the past 5 years, the cryptocurrency market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, which has created many multi-millionaires along the way. And new opportunities are popping up every month. From ICO’s (initial coin offerings) to blockchain products and services, new crypto investors, traders and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to participate in this exciting market.

But, while all this is great if you already owned Bitcoin when it was selling for pennies… …a second and bigger chance is here. You see, Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg.

While Bitcoin is still the most well-known crypto currency, its pace of growth today is nothing compared to other surging crypto currencies or the so called alt coins.

Did you know that Ethereum did seven times better than Bitcoin……gaining 2,206% in months. A penny crypto currency called Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week.  Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days. And NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days.

But the most incredible gain was seen by a penny crypto currency called NewYorkCoin that surged 2,757% in just one night. It’s growth like this that is making millionaires out of ordinary people. The story does not end here. There is a whole new breed of investors that focuses only on ICO’s. Also do a search on the pot coin, ud be amazed by the kind of money that has been made from marijuana based coins.

And why not, because, with the right investment decision, by the time the ICO has hit the exchange markets, some of them do make over 100 percent plus profits.

Top venture capitalists and angel investors have recently invested over $1 billion into cryptocurrency startups. Everyone from startups in Silicon Valley to Wall Street is excited about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Don’t miss out on the cryptocurrency revolution that’s going to offer unprecedented opportunities for investors, traders, developers, and entrepreneurs!

As a semi developed country, we’ve have access to basic banking services like checking accounts, credit cards, and business merchant accounts. Unfortunately, over 2 billion people around the world don’t have a bank a/c or any access to banking services that  we take for granted.

Also, people are flocking to Bitcoin because of currency controls, hyperinflation, bail-ins, and many more issues… For example, Recently India just made about 85% of its paper currency illegal. They’ve required people to bring in the most used fiat currency bills to exchange them for new ones. The problem is if someone brings in too much “undocumented cash”, they’ll tax and potentially fine the person.

Its a good things that happened actually because many individuals and enterprises which hoarded undue money they had to pay the cost.

But the fact is that money is not supposed to work that way, as in when a certain new Govt comes in power, they have the power to exercise and make the promised legal tender called money (or Indian Rupees) get invalid. So it is basically going against all the principles that money stands for.

No wonder India is one of the largest users of crypto-currency.

That was just an example, in fact I believe that what he did was just perfect in the right time to weed out the duplicate money within the system and bring more transparency into it. In fact I who never voted would want to vote him again, as i’m sure it takes a lot off balls do do what he did.

Well somebody had to do it, and he did it, thats all that matters. Oh yeah digital is the future now. And the best part is that is not the new generation who was expected to do this but in-fact its an elderly man with a vision (And off- course real life experience) who made it happen. Kudoos to that great man. Video below. I believe in that dream, cos its mine too!

Just imagine like he says, printing money is expensive, and we technically spend more money to protect that money. Then again to transport and protect the money we spend more. In-fact on the long run 25% of our nations money the nation spends to protect it. Infact the wo

PS: And when you think about the ATM attacks, where a machine full of money is just dragged away, its actually ridiculous, considering that how much of these crimes we can prevent by just banning paper money and focus on a more decentralized banking system like the BITCOIN.

PS: In-fact the second World War itself could have been prevented if we would have discovered the uses of blockchain earlier.

Same way in a general life anybody should n would be wary of holding large sums of money on them, as there are some real inherit dangers that comes when holding paper money on oneself.

We believe that the Blockchain which was introduced to the world by Bitcoin is the first step not just to protect the interests of entrepreneurs and thinkers, but in-fact to protect every govt to make governance more transparent by not only making it difficult to prevent corruption, but also  to make it very very transparent.

The RTI is a good step but what if all the info on it would be on the blockchain. Another example would be the driving licences, land registration documents, vehicle registration documents, employment and PF documents. Any kind of of insurance like accident, vehicle home etc.

And most importantly our banking sector and our vote bank on elections to provide the transparency that can be verified by any miner in the system. Now That’s where the transparency would come in.

Its the first step, and it has to work, there is no way out, but the best part about the whole thing is that we are still liberal about it and not like China or Russia where banning it seems to be a better option.

In-fact.. THE MORE THE BANS which are implemented, the more the BTC and the likes of coins prices would go up. Mainly because of the fact that people start losing their trust in FIAT MONEY.



Jason Thomas