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  1. Fortunately as the years go on, unlike paper currencies which always increas in quantity, the supply is always decreasing.

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  4. So basically the $ I decide to invest will gain interest based off the value of the bitcoin? I can invest as much as $50 a week or bi weekly?

  5. Cloud server bitcoin mining ???  I  am impressed ..What are the cost ?  can it pay  for an internet up grade ?  My internet is not the best.  I thought BITCOIN was ghost money with no value ..  Great video ,Thanks

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  8. I can't believe people fell for all this mining cryptocurrency bull, lmao AMD and Nvidia made a nice profit off of this lmfao. Now idiots have worn out their cards and have to buy new ones, and AMD and Nvidia profit even more lmfao smh.

  9. i like your video mate,keep it up 🙂 and bdw im broke with bitcoins so if you can give a small tip to start trading on poloniex
    bitcoins adress : 17ftkkmXyFKpkiA2g2M2knzhyvgkiynR3g thanks!

  10. I did some work on the internet a couple years ago for the promise of earning decimal fractions of a bitcoin when it was a realistic $12 each. I set up a bitcoin wallet. I did the translation work but got NOTHING. Fraud.

  11. Nice video man, i would be so happy if i get to have a good computer one day : )
    any donations are appreciated guys !
    this is my BTC Wallet :
    thank you ^^

  12. You must understand that whatever percentage of bitcoin is mined, will be taxed with fees. All cloudmining sites take an approximate 20-30% fee of mined bitcoin payout per day. Additionally, bitcoin payouts will decrease over time due to difficulty increases in mining. Your 1TH/S today will not be mining the same amount of bitcoin 2 weeks into the future. So, when getting into mining, be mindful of these "revenue forecast calculators" because their projections aren't necessarily the case. I'm currently mining 14TH/s on hashflare, and have seen a 0.1 BTC return in the 1.5 months that I've been running at that rate. Initial investment is $1960, current return is ~$500 (@BTC price of $4800). I started out mining .0040 BTC / day, now at the same hashrate I'm mining .0032. Not saying that it's not profitable after 1 year, but don't expect to see a crypto return that's been suggested by many of these cloudmining websites.

    Besides all that.. you'd be a fool not to get into the cryptocurrency market. Mine all you can….buy as much bitcoin as you can today….I'm serious.

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  14. How much did you paid for the cloud services? If I check the genesis site, 15Th/s on bitcoin 2 years contract costs $1950. And you have contract for 66 Th/s.

  15. Yeah, but how much did your contracts cost? You're ignoring the elephant in the room. Are you losing money? Sure seems like it.

  16. hi
    I decide to start mining but my pc can use some upgrade
    actually, i think I need a new pc!!
    so can u tell me about your hardware??
    any suggestion what should I get??

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