Ethereum price prediction for October. Want to know when it’s going to reach $1000? 🍾🚀💎


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Who will win in the battle for cryptocurrency dominance?

Here are the major reasons I prefer Ethereum over bitcoin for long term investing.
Bitcoin transaction times still high. Fees have not dropped after the hard fork. While the bitcoin price keeps rising it’s functionality isn’t. Segwit and the lighting network may fix the scaling issues and rising transaction fees but ethereum is already working.

The battle between Bitcoin cash vs Bitcoin is taking away mining power from Bitcoin and causing confusion in the market.

As more people start using crypto currency Decenteralized apps will become more common. Ethereum is ready for this bitcoin is not.

The benefits of smart contracts will continue to grow. We have barley scratched the surface of their potential.



  1. you talking bit nonsense.. blockchain mean sthat EVERYBODY who uses it must have identical copy of ENTIRE database.. So many people have to have it and keep pc on. THis is decentralized. it's like bittorent infact so block chain is nothing new. Anyway – it costs and there is so many currencies, tokens and so on..people can not hold so many databases, so more and more centralized servers will be used for this will become centralized 🙂

  2. Can someone lead me to a video on what to do/get to purchase my first bitcoin?? whats the best wallet?? whats the best exchange site with lowest rate/fees??? thank you much!

  3. thats why i keep saying its too late , don't invest in crypto currency because one way or another you will loose your money . (always get into the train early ) or (pay 1000% more and you will loose your money .

  4. He posted this literally on the highest priced week of etherium, ever. This video would have been perfect f he said to sell etherium asap! But he said the opposite.
    In the long run I think etherium is good. It's just funny he posted this on the coins highest week ever.

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  6. I like your channel…. But that chair you sit in really concerns me. It's very unstable and watching you bounce around in that thing makes me a little concerned for your welfare. The last thing we want is to see you flying across the courtyard and damaging yourself on a catcus.

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  8. Great wrap-up!! Ha Ha!!! Give a triple treat to your dog for my positive post! …I have three dogs so that would only be fair! ;))
    Not to mention that I just subscribed.

  9. What are your thoughts on Lisk. As they use JavaScript which is easier to use and will have side chains instead of smart contracts which will make it much faster and not overloaded like Ethereum. Also Lisk is rebranding this month so might be a really good time to invest in it

  10. Why don't we use blockchain to decentralize government?
    Get rid of all the clowns in Washington.
    We The People can do a better and more humane job.

  11. David, great informative videos as always – thanks for the content. Very on point advice. PS "Like" the planet in the background at the end of your video 😉

  12. Hi david, i recently stop mining just before the recent recent cryptocurrency crash.
    would like to seek your opinion if it's still profitable to get a rig for mining. as i will be having free power supply from accommodation. thanks

  13. Hey David,
    Seems that Ethereum is on its way as mentioned… $1000
    Current price is ~$330…. is this the right time to invest or should I wait for it to come 200-250 ?


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