Ethereum Aiming All Time High ? August Market Analysis


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Ethereum market analysis as we are approaching $316 resistance while support level keeps increasing and confirming.

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  1. In the following video we have market analysis for Ethereum and not a
    prediction , use the content as helping stone on your next decisions and
    always do your research.

  2. Nice ETH follow up video. Good use of caution to the winds. To many people in the space telling people to buy or sell though fear. Good approach thanks for the content

  3. Almost looks like we are seeing a whale sell off on ETH/USD coinbase, right now, are they trying to drop below 300-305 and trigger a fear response?

  4. TY for the beautiful analysis. I'm mostly into ETH, picked up some BitcoinCASH at $205… ETH and BCH have been running at a similar price. Can you do an analysis on BitcoinCash as it rises… ?

  5. I lost out on eth at bitcoin runs recently because I have issues an emotions came in.holding better for me for now….!!!!

  6. And what about BCC? Don't you think that was a totally free money opportunity? I remember your funny comments about it 🙂
    You have to be in the game to be a Winner!

  7. I think ETH will definitely reach its all times high sooner than later. The WON has gotten a lot weaker to the USD which is the Korean currency in the past few days. As Scrembo said, Korea is the biggest player in the ETH market. Also, with the situation with North Korea and possibility of war, I think it will drive the price of ETH up.

  8. WTF is happening to Ethereum – it was at early 300s and was stable now this piece of shit is under 300 between 285 to 300 wtf is going on ? will this piece of shit ever go above 320 soon?

  9. Hey paul, Ethereum blocktime will be increased on Aug 25th by 25 sec, on Sep 24th by 32sec and on October 31st by 41seconds so on those times, it will affect price which sky highhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  10. What happens to Ethereum (or Bitcoin for that matter) if people die and no one else knows about their coin purchases?


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