Bitcoin News 18 July 2017 – Miners Run Segwit2x Software Early

Bitcoin News 18 July 2017 - Miners Run Segwit2x Software Early

Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin News 18 July 2017 – Miners Run Segwit2x Software Early – Top stories being the upcoming scaling of Bitcoin with Miners starting to run the New Segwit2x Software and the crypto markets showing gains after the “blood bath” of last week.

Miners signaled on 17 July 2017 to run the new SegWit2x software, these being the miners who supported the “New York Agreement”.

This impending change to the Bitcoin network has impacted the Bitcoin price causing it to drop substantially during the past week. The market does not like uncertainty however, there are many investors who are extremely bullish regarding Bitcoin’s future growth in price and value.

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  1. BS. there only gainer was Litecoin. ETH and ETC were BOTH losers. don't be fake news. ethereum people sound like they drank the cool aid, that's why it's over valued


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